How to keep your college dorm clean and tidy without any fuss

Bleh, tidying.

How to keep your college dorm room clean and tidy

If you’re looking forward to packing your bags and heading off to college this year, you’re probably getting ready to party the night away, frolic with new friends, eat pizza for every single meal (yep, breakfast, lunch and dinner), and attend lectures – y’know, when you’re not doing all of the above. Although moving away from home can seem like the perfect solution to your bad mood and your curfew, leaving your parents can often be daunting. With no one to make your bed, wash your clothes, or tidy your room…how the heck will you cope? Well, here’s how you can keep your college dorm clean and tidy without any fuss. Leaving more time for all the fun stuff (and pizza).

Create a schedule

We know, schedules are for losers, right? Sure, those who make lists and schedules normally make them about bus timetables and tide projections (just kidding), but schedules can also help a struggling student who is running out of clean underwear. Although we understand that life at college is full-on, dedicating an hour or two a week to all of your cleaning and washing duties will help you out in the long run. Not only will you be able to work it around the rest of your epic college life, but you will be able to come home to a relatively clean dorm.

Use your closet

Let’s be honest, we all have THAT chair. Yep, you know the one. This is the desk chair that should be used for doing work and sitting down to do professional things, but in reality, you use it as your own personal closet or wash bag. If you’re in a rush to get changed and can’t decide what to wear, you’ll simply throw your rejected items onto the chair and hope the cleaning fairies come into your college dorm in the night to tidy it all up. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t look like that, and you actually have to make an effort to use your closet. If you can.

Don't let the clutter in your college dorm room pile up

Make your bed every day

Don’t get us wrong, we rarely abide by this rule – but at least the thought is there, right? Nevertheless, college freshman are so used to their moms making their bed; they don’t really know how to do it for themselves. Although you will just be getting back into bed at the end of the day (or for an 11 am nap), making your bed before you leave your college dorm will really get you in the mood for a strong and productive day. Trust us.

Throw away all trash

Apparently, becoming a college student means that every man and his dog becomes a hoarder. Just a few weeks into your residency, you’ll soon realize that your whole dormitory is filled up with orientation booklets, maps, receipts, trash, pizza boxes and more. Although you might be keeping that stuff for sentimental reasons (after all, pizza is life), it’s actually pretty unhygienic and totally gross. If you invest in a trash can, you and your roommate can make sure you throw all unnecessary items into the trash. Obviously, this means you do have to take it out to the dumpster; someone else won’t do that for you…

Going to college is serious business, and although you can have fun and make memories with your new friends and enemies (let’s be honest, we all have enemies from college), you do need to get your clean fingers out and give your room a good once over every now and then…

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