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What does it really mean to be a college dropout?

Being a college dropout isn’t the be-all and end-all

What does it actually mean to be a college dropout?

Nowadays, going to college is almost like a rite of passage. Yep, you don your cap and gown for your high school graduation, you buy a heck load of homeware just before you move to college which you’ll wreck/lose within the first week, you’ll attend all of your classes while keeping up a social life, you’ll eat your bodyweight in pizza, you’ll graduate with a piece of paper in your hands and walk into a high paid job within weeks, right? Well, not quite. More and more people are dropping out of college and walking a different path, but what does it really mean to be a college dropout? Well, what’s easier to understand is what it DOESN’T mean to be college dropout…

They’re not all stupid

When most people hear ‘college dropout,’ they automatically think ‘failure.’ In fact, many believe that those who dropped out of college were either expelled or quietly asked to leave due to their bad grades – but that just isn’t true. Of course, there are some people who don’t make the cut and obviously have no future within the world of higher education because of their academic qualities, but there are also many people who choose to leave on their own back. In today’s day and age, you can still be smart without a college degree under your belt… Just look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg.

They left for a reason

Dropping out of college isn’t an easy decision. People often stew over the decision for weeks, months and even years before they finally take the plunge and retract their studentship. Normally, there is a valid reason behind this. For some, it could be that college was taking a toll on their mental and physical health, and for others, it could be because they don’t NEED to go to college. If your aim is to become a doctor or a lawyer, college is a must. Yet, there are thousands of jobs out there that don’t require their staff to have a college degree. Sometimes, real-world experience is much more important than a piece of paper. Or perhaps their idea took off before they could finish college – think Facebook!

Famous people who are college dropout

They’re not all party animals

Those who drop out of college are often discriminated against because many people believe those who were kicked out or chose to leave of their own accord were party animals and did not care about their education. Of course, this is totally false. Many people choose to leave because they CAN’T go out partying all of the time, they can’t afford their schooling, their rent, or even to be at college. Others choose because they do not like their course, and others leave because they do not feel college will positively affect their life in any way. In fact, a very small majority of college dropouts class themselves as party animals.

They shouldn’t be discriminated against

The term ‘college dropout’ is always associated with negative thoughts and feelings, which is why many people who have left college find that they are discriminated against. Employers may turn down their applications, people question their intelligence and their work ethic, while others find that they are looked down upon. Leaving college for valid reasons is nothing to be ashamed of. If it’s right for you, then that’s all that matters.

Being a college dropout is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you want to avoid the chance of it happening to you, you need to be 100% sure before you apply to college that it is what you want…

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