Why the college library is the best place for any student to hangout

It’s not just all about the books yano!

As a student, you probably spend most of your waking hours waiting for your class to be over so you can pick up a takeaway pizza and basically inhale it before you make your way to the nearest bar. Am I right, or am I right? Although moving away from home and having the freedom to be away from the prying eyes of your mother is exciting at first, you soon find yourself craving company and human contact. Because of this, you will often find yourself hanging out in your dorm, or hanging out in the karaoke bar – which distances yourself from work and college life. So how do you combat that? Well, you hang out at the college library, of course! (Yes, they still exist). So, why is this the best place for any student to hangout? Lemme tell you.

Free books, duh!

If you’re a newbie to this college life, you’ll know the college work is on a different level to high school work. Suddenly, you have to reference everything you write and find the most obscure examples for your writing. Of course, Google is always there to help us all out, but you can often find yourself at a dead end when it comes to written publications, journals and research papers. Luckily, the library normally has all of these things on offer… And they’re completely free! If your college library doesn’t have what you need to complete your work, just ask at the front desk, and they’ll normally be able to order it for you. Does it get better than free books? We don’t think so.

There is normally a coffee shop in the college library

College Deans aren’t stupid, y’know. They know that their students can’t function without at least a hint of coffee within 50 yards of them. This is why most college libraries offer a coffee shop inside, or at least within walking distance from it. This makes it the perfect place to hang out, as you can get your work done, chill out with your friends, and catch up on your class notes over a nice cup of Java.

Here's why you should hang out in the college library

Librarians have all of the answers

We wouldn’t be surprised if you kids nowadays didn’t know what a librarian is, but they will soon prove to you that they are a fountain of knowledge. Yep, it’s literally their job to have all of the answers and know everything about everything. If you have any questions regarding the college, the work you’re doing, and where you can find certain information, all you need to do is make your way up to the librarian’s station, and find your answers. They’re magical.

It’s not all about the books

Because the college library can get pretty boring if you’re staying in there for eight hours a day, the college normally puts on various events throughout the week to keep you entertained. You might be able to check out an art show, listen to a poet read her latest work, or even take part in a workshop. There’s so much more to the library than just books.

Free Wi-fi and internet access

What can no college student live without? INTERNET! Luckily, the library offers free Wi-Fi, internet access, free computers and some even offer their students the chance to loan laptops if theirs have broken. So, if you have a spare hour before your next class, don’t go back to your dorm and have a nap, take a trip to the library and do some work (or, failing that, some funny pictures of cats).

Some people can’t believe that libraries still exist, but in actual fact, they are more popular than ever. You can kick back, relax and unwind, or you could get started on an all-nighter. The college library is the best place for any student to hang out.

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