Where to find college jobs you actually want to get out of bed for

Because every student needs moolah!

Where to find the best college jobs

Ah, the fun of college; the parties, eating fast food, and socializing. Sadly, this lifestyle can quickly become expensive. Perhaps it is about time to search for an extra source of income? However, most college jobs can seem really boring. Here’s how to find the ones that will make your friends jealous and won’t have you snoozing that early alarm.

Types of college jobs

Although it seems as though ay extra income will do, trying to find a job that makes you excited can be the perfect relief from a full class schedule. A position that lets you work evenings and weekends, such as a nightclub job, can be a brilliant place to start. You get all the fun of the partying, with none of the hangover! Retail is another good option as many larger chain stores often take on working students, so they’re used to planning shifts around classes. Have a real think about the types of college jobs that appeal to you and your schedule. Just remember, the most fun ones (like working for the college radio) will have the most applicants, so you’ll need to stand out.

Campus career center

These talented individuals aren’t just here to get your resume looking as swanky as possible – although that is an excellent place to start. No, people in the on-campus career center also have plenty of advice on offer. They can help you to discover what career you are genuinely passionate about, as well as prepare you for any interviews. The career center may also have access to local job listings or work within the school. The campus career center is the perfect place to start your job search.

Tips for finding college jobs that don't suck

College job boards

These job boards may be located around campus or online. Here there will be a whole array of working college jobs. Sometimes they post jobs aimed at people who are close to graduating, while other times you may find yourself flicking through positions within the college itself. A lot of the time professors may be looking for extra help, or the school may need some maintenance crew. Working within the college is a great way to earn some cash and feel more like a part of the community.

Making connections

Sometimes the positions never even make it onto the boards. Why? Due to students connecting with staff at the school. They often stand a higher chance of being offered roles before they are advertised meaning you could be missing out on a whole world of opportunities. Are you envious of your friend’s new fabulous position? It never hurt to ask whether they could put in a good word for you, or if they could find out about any other job openings before they become public knowledge. Buddy up with one of the college radio DJs and you might get that night shift after all.

Become freelance

If you have a particular skill, such as drawing, writing or web design, then why not advertise yourself? In a role reversal you could find people calling YOU up looking for work. Plus the benefits are you can choose when and where you work, as well as setting your own prices. More and more students are ignoring college jobs to go freelance instead.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term career option or searching for a quick fix to help boost the bank balance (and get out of that student debt), looking in these places can offer job opportunities you may have never even considered. Who knows what career you could fall in love with as a result?

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