Why you should take part in college football

Get to those tryouts, now!

Here is why you should take part in college football

Sport in college is a strange one – many of us enjoy casually playing, and might even sign up for a sports team on freshman week. However, those who are on scholarships have cause to take the sporting scene a little more seriously than others. There are plenty of opportunities for being a student-athlete these days, and one of the most popular and enjoyable sports to play is college football.

Whether you’re playing for the college team on a scholarship, or you’ve just signed up on a part-time basis, there are plenty of wonderful reasons to take up college football. Here are some of the reasons you need to get to the tryouts, ASAP – no matter your skill level.

Sense of family

It is important to try to build relationships and friendships during your time in college. And, when you are part of a college football team you have a sense of togetherness. A sense of family. You go out onto the gridiron together, and you put your bodies on the line for one another. This experience gives you a close-knit community feeling to the team and makes you much closer to one another. It’s a great way of making proper friends and knowing that you have each other’s backs on a regular basis.

Learn the value of teamwork

Teamwork is something that is hugely important in life as well as on a football team. It’s one of those great transferable skills that you pick up during your stint on the college football field, and you can apply it to all walks of life. Learning to work as part of a team, and be a team player, is something that is invaluable on the football field. But you will also be able to take it with you after you go as well.

Reasons why you should take part in college football

Create new opportunities

Many people who play sport in college find that new doors open for them after they’ve graduated. Now, we’re not suggesting that a stint on the college football team will get you an NFL draft pick. But, it’s definitely the case that you create opportunities for yourself. Many players get drafted straight out of college, and, by playing on the college team, you increase the chances of that being you. Even if you don’t carry on with football after college, you will learn plenty of skills that may make you more attractive to a potential employer when you graduate – such as the teamwork aspect we mentioned earlier!


We can take inspiration from the smallest of things, but football is a great source of it. Playing on the football team shows you have a love for the game, and it will no doubt throw up those inspirational moments that are unexpected and breathtaking. These can inspire you in other avenues of your life and will help you to take risks and seize the moment to achieve your dreams and goals.

These are just a few of the great reasons why we feel you need to take part in college football. It’s something that will give you a lot of important skills for the future, not to mention the positive effect it can have on your life at the same time.

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