How to answer the most common college interview questions

Ace that college interview!

Common college interview questions to expect

Yes, you’ve landed that college interview! Only you’ve had a complete mind blank on how to string a sentence together, let alone your own name. It’s okay, just relax, breathe, and have a look through these tips on answering the most common college interview questions you may be asked. As long as you go in prepared, nothing can stop you!

Tell me about yourself

Technically, this is more of a statement than a question. Even so, this is more than likely to come up in the interview. Here is the perfect opportunity to sell your personality. Avoid any cliches. We’re sure they’ve heard about hardworking and go-getting people 100 times before. Have an unusual hobby? Tell them! It’s all about being honest and standing out. This is one of the most common college interview questions so prepare for it, but also don’t read from a script. Relax and tell them about yourself as you would meeting any new person.

Why our college/what could you bring?

Research is key here. Making sure you have all knowledge of the college is crucial – especially if you’ll be there for the next four years. Talking about the extracurricular activities, or the values the school hold can be a great topic of conversation. You could also add in what you can contribute to both of these in a way to boost yourself. Avoid talking about the location or how well they do on the league tables; make your answer as personal as you can.

Why did you choose your major?

Why did you choose your major is easily one of the most common college interview questions, so this should come as a quick and straightforward answer. Think about why you want to be in your chosen field of study for the rest of your life. It’s probably best not to mention the income or having a job that will be around forever. Instead, opt for answers that portray your true passion.

How to answer common college interview questions

What are your strengths/weaknesses?

When it comes to describing your strengths, sell yourself! You don’t have to be arrogant, but if you’re good at something then bring it up. Also, make sure your answer isn’t too short. Explaining how you have used your strengths to your advantage is always good. When it comes to weaknesses, try to be honest. Everyone has them, and it’s vital you don’t answer the question stating you are the exception. Perhaps try and think of a story where you overcame a weakness as an excellent example of how you don’t let them hold you back.

Where do you see yourself in X years?

Ah, the dreaded question – have no fear. Try and avoid the being in a stable career story. Instead, it is better to opt for how you will be impacting the world, as well as your lifestyle. Remember the question isn’t limited to your job so you could explain you wish to buy your first house, or what activities you would like to try.

What would you change about your current school?

Remaining respectful is vital. The college is looking for how good you are at problem-solving, as well as what is important to you when it comes to education. You could perhaps suggest funding specific departments you have taken an interest in, or tackling social issues within the school. Avoid anything about getting rid of teachers or homework as that doesn’t show a good work ethic or respect.

As long as you remember to be yourself and remain calm, then you’re halfway to acing the interview. Prep for these college interview questions and also ask anyone you know that already attends what they were asked on the day. Good luck!

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